The Scariest Movie- Shutter Island- Oct. 17th

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Pages

Oct. 17th

In the spirit of Halloween and our suspense unit, you have a couple of choices here.

1. Write your own scary short story or suspenseful short story.

2. Tell me about the scariest movie you have ever seen. What made it scary? How did the director build suspense?

The Scariest Movie- Shutter Island



The movie “Shutter Island” was creepy and a little scary, because of the suspense. It also felt like it was real life instead of a movie. The movie was very creepy, because of the insane/ scary patients in the mental hospital/jail. They would kill anyone who would get into their grasps, that’s why they are locked up mostly the whole time. The movie was confusing, because Teddy Daniels continuously had flashbacks. The movie made me feel like I was actually in there, experiencing the terror. It was like a bad dream which I could not come out of. Also the suspense made it scary. The producer,

Martin Scorsese, built the suspense by producing the movie in 1st person (personal
prospective), which makes you feel like you are one of the patients, who is insane.

  1. Zenan Patel says:

    I agree because Shutter Island was pretty scary. I think those flashbacks were to maybe describe the story of how this island came to be.

  2. Raj T. says:

    First person does add immersion and suspense to the audience. It’s pretty cool to see first person in a movie.

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