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Oct. 31.

Choose a print ad or commericial. Deconstruct the ad by answering the following questions:

1. Who paid for the media?

2. Who is the targeted audience? Age group? Ethnicity?

3. What is the overall message of the advertisement?

4. In what ways is this a healthy or unhealthy example of media?

Media #1- “Careerbuilder 2011 Super Bowl Ad “Parking Lot”:

The company “Career Builder” paid for this commercial ad during the super bowl of 2011, which must have costed a fortune, but worth it.  The target audience is people looking for work. It was not for a specific age group and ethnicity. The message of the advertisement is to use career builder and you will find a job. This is a healthy example of media, because it has humor to it.

Media #2- “Media #2-“Crash the Super Bowl 2010 Finalist – House Rules”:

The Doritos Company paid for the “House Rules” advertisement. Everybody who was watching was the targeted audience, and it was not for a specific age group and ethnicity. The overall message of this advertisement is for you to go buy some Doritos and also don’t let some stranger take your Doritos. This is a healthy way of media, because it is humorous.
  1. Hey Neil, nice blog post! Those were pretty funny and I agree with you on how they got people’s attentions and who the targeted audiences are. Overall, these are healthy medias. Good job.

  2. 2zenan says:

    Yup they both show healthy meda and the doritos one is funny. The car commercial did cost a lot of money for them to make.

  3. Raj T. says:

    Those are funny commercials. It could be one of the reasons people watch the Super Bowl.

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