Nov. 28

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Pages

Nov. 28

As we have been reading 1984, we have discussed ways in which the government controls us? Are there any real life examples of Newspeak?


There are many real life examples, in which the government controls us, just like in the novel 1984. Our society, like Winston’s society in 1984, is constantly bombarded with politics such as on the news, advertisements, posters, and other political propaganda (especially during elections). In Winston’s society the government lies about everything, to the highest extent, and so might our government. Who knows? We might be believing all of what the government says, but it might not even be true. For example, the death of Bin Laden. It was announced by the government that the US’s navy seals had found Bin Laden, and apparently had been killed in the gun fire, but pictures of his death had not been released because of some religious reason. Could it be that the government lied to us and Bin Laden is still alive? Is our government like or becoming like the government of Winston’s government of 1984?

  1. Raj T. says:

    I agree. It seems strange that Bin Laden’s death was announced in the middle of all of this trouble happening in the US, and it surely affected the people’s feelings of the US.

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