Jan. 17

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Pages

Jan. 17


Compose a sonnet.

The Joy of Playing Soccer

For those people who say soccer is so boring

For so it is not as it always does seem

I say soccer is about the ball soaring high

And into the goal as everyone screams


Unlocking the love just like a keyhole

Soccer is the sport of the living joy

As the ball soars between the 2 goal poles

Filling life full of great joy like a toy


Soccer is the true best sport, unlike chess

Because of the great joy of scoring goals

Showing you to the path of great success

That builds your soul a new and complete whole


The sport of soccer is the joy of life

That gives your soul a new and grand wildlife

  1. pauliscool says:

    That’s impressive dude, you made soccer, which is a pretty hard subject to write a poem about in my opinion, and made it funny and pretty poetic. Good job! I liked the part about chess the best. LOL

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