Jan. 30

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Pages

Jan. 30

What do you think of Romeo and Juliet so far? Is it what you expected? If it isn’t, how is it different? What is difficult about reading it? Overall, do you think you will like it or not?

I believe that the novel “Romeo and Juliet” isn’t the best novel, nor is the worst. I think that it is in the middle. I didn’t think that this novel would be like this, because I did not think that there would be sexual humor. I never knew that it would have a lot of inappropriate content. I thought that the difficulty of the book as ok. Some of the passages were hard to read, while some where not. Overall, I will eventually come to like to the novel “Romeo and Juliet”.

  1. Raj T. says:

    I agree that there is a lot of sexual humor that I didn’t expect. It seems strange that there was such humor in the old days.

  2. 2zenan says:

    I actually did expect for sexual humor to be in the book. It’s interesting how they use verbal irony for the sexual humor.

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