Feb. 27

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Pages

Feb. 27

What are your thoughts about the ending of Romeo and Juliet? You may comment on the way the story ended or you may reflect on your first high school encounter with Shakespeare.

I actually liked the ending of Romeo and Juliet, even though it was sad, because the feud between the two families ended. It was also ironic, because of Romeo and Juliet die. At first, I thought that Romeo and Juliet will be hard to read and understand, but at the end, I started to like it. This novel, greatly improved my reading comprehension skills. Also, the I liked how Shakespeare had a twisted ending, which was not expected (situational irony). Romeo and Juliet did not really seem like a romance/tragedy play, because of the action (fights/duels), and comedy (Ex: Nurse’s sex jokes).

  1. Raj T. says:

    I am also glad that the two families. However, I think Romeo and Juliet feels like a romance/tragedy because the relationship of Romeo and Juliet led to the action and deaths of many characters.

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