Mar. 19

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Pages

Mar. 19

Compose an original poem. Choose any form. If you are unsure of where to start, you might try mimicking one of the authors we read over the past week and a half.


Speed Guy

There once was guy named Tom

A very reserved guy indeed

And also very calm

There came a day when he skied at a high speed

And tripped over a chain

When he woke up, he did not fell all right

He got up and started walking around to make sure he was sane

But when he walked slow, he went the speed of light

Tom had developed super speed

At soccer, he outran the fastest

And later became envied

Because he was the greatest

He became less shy

And when he ran, he looked like a phantom

Because his speed and reflexes for those of a fly

For this is the story of Tom

  1. Raj T. says:

    This is pretty good. Better wording could be used, though.

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